Firetree is a new super premium chocolate brand, in the hands of experienced chocolate makers - +100 years of knowledge between us at last count- but we’re now the new kids, with a new brand!

We’ve been making chocolate in the UK for a short time, but we’re already trading partners with chocolatiers and top tier retailers (Harrods, M&S, Paul A Young, Artisan du Chocolate, Rococo, Melt, Puccini) who understand that really good chocolate starts with the farmer and their families and finishes with a chocolate maker who understands that every single step of the process can bend and shape the final mouth feel, aroma and taste of every bar.

We’re passionate about taste, provenance, cocoa pedigree, rarity, and our island farmers – who we know by name…. We personally source all of our own cocoa from single estates on volcanic islands in the South Pacific – the ring of fire! Rare cocoa making up less than 1% of the world’s cocoa beans grown today. The micro-climate of each plantation create unique flavours - and show just how distinctive and individual each single estate can be.

Cocoa Bean

Our chocolate is dairy free, nut free, vegan, halal and kosher – and absolutely delicious because it is. There’s only 4 ingredients in our chocolate, and we’re really proud that the cocoa beans create all of our delicious flavours. We'll be offering visitors the opportunity to taste 7 different island bars, and understand how chocolate is grown, harvested, fermented, dried, roasted, conched and turned into delicious chocolate.

Our Chocolate Maker will be with us to share his passion and knowledge on how to taste you would learn how to taste fine wine...

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At The Festival

We are showcasing our new brand, bringing the opportunity for visitors to taste and purchase a new tier and level of sophistication in chocolate. All of our chocolate is truly giftable, and we know we can turn even the most avid anti-dark-chocolate haters into smiling consumers!!! Come and take the 100% cocoa challenge with us!