The Duppy Share

The Duppy Share is a perfectly balanced, unique blend of premium rums from Jamaica and Barbados.


A fiery Jamaican Rum and a smooth Barbadian Rum makes The Duppy Share the perfect partner for cocktails or on the rocks.

The Duppy Share is name after rum loving mischievous Caribbean spirits that swoop between distilleries stealing the best of the rum. The rum they steal is called The Duppy Share and they use this to fuel the most epic of parties.

We’re buzzing to be at Taste of London this year, and rest assured anywhere where The Duppy Share is found will bring the hypnotic magic of the Caribbean. Sample our incredible cocktails on tap or personalise your very own bottle of The Duppy Share bespoke for you or a special someone.

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At The Festival

We will be sampling our incredible rum cocktails, showcasing rum blending masterclasses and making your very own bespoke The Duppy Share personalised bottles for your very own home bar.