DeliVita, born through pizza passion, inspired to create perfect wood-fired feasts.

Our versatile ovens, whilst compact, feature a traditional clay interior and rapidly reach the perfect pizza temperature to deliver the perfect flavour and crunch. Inspired by Italian heritage, DeliVita use the finest organic dough and artisan quality ingredients to create authentic Neapolitan Pizzas bursting with wood-fired aromas. We will be teaching you how to hand stretch the perfect pizza in our pizza master classes

Our beautifully designed and compact ovens are easy to use and entirely portable, for delicious home-made food anywhere you want.

We will be holding hourly Master classes teaching you how to make the perfect hand stretched pizza like a true Pizzaiolo! But if you cannot wait and just need your own delicious slice of fresh homemade pizza then we will be serving you directly from our horse box. So come on over and say Hi and get involved with the DeliVita family.

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At The Festival

We will be hosting the finest master classes for both adults and children, providing fun, easy, scrumptious food, where you can get creative and have a go at making your own pizza before our chefs finish them off in the oven!