Captain Kombucha

Captain Kombucha is Europe's #1 kombucha brand.

Kombucha is originally from China and has been known locally for centuries as the immortal health Elixir. It´s green tea fermented with organic raw cane sugar and a culture of live bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) to produce a drink full of live bacteria and enzymes for the gut.

Captain Kombucha is handcrafted to perfection over a period of several weeks, using only the highest quality, natural and organic certified ingredients. The result? An authentic kombucha with a delicious taste!

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At The Festival

Come along to try our kombucha in 6 flavours and to be among the first to try our brand new innovation, Oh My Gutness. It's a totally dairy-free kefir drink made from fermenting apple & white grape juice with kefir grains to create a delicious sparkling drink full of live bacteria and cultures for your gut.