The BIB Wine Company

Who doesn’t want great wine on tap?


The BIB Wine Company is four siblings and a Master of Wine, united by a love of good wine and passionate about the benefits of the box. All of our wines are sourced direct from small and independent winemakers. They’re wines that showcase the terroir of the vineyard, the talents of the winemaker and all are low in chemical inputs, made using sustainable and traditional methods. Exclusively available by the BIB (Bag-in-Box). This means the wine lasts weeks not days once open, 20-30% lower prices than bottled equivalents and up to a 6 x lower carbon footprint. Better for the environment, less waste and less damage to the wallet.

’The first ever luxury bag-in-box wine’ Adrian Smith, The Independent.

‘It looks like these guys have cracked bag-in-box wine for the 21st century’ Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph.

Come try our wines at Taste of London and find out why.

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At The Festival

From old favourites to some brand new wines, including the first ever premium English bag-in-box wine, Taste of London visitors can try our wines, buy by the glass and order for home delivery.

Pop by and discover why fine wine in a box is the future.