Craft Beer Trail

Sip and sample some of the best craft beer around!

New for 2016, the Craft Beer Trail is a complimentary masterclass experience that will see you sampling some of the best craft beer and cider around!

Learn the tasting notes of showcase beers as they’re paired with a special ingredient, perfectly chosen to elevate the flavours and aromas.

Meet the brewers in person and find out about the process that goes into creating these unique beverages.

The Craft Beer Trail

  1. Billericay Brewing

Showcase Beer: Billericay Blonde

It is a 4.0% refreshing golden ale with a slight bitter finish brewed with a mixture of American and British hops.

Ingredient Sampling: chilli and lime cashew nuts.

Suggested Restaurant Dish Pairing: Any of Darbaar’s dishes: Grilled lamb vindaloo, Haryali date and samosa chaat, Punjabi chicken tikka, and Stir fried shrimps

  1. Freedom Brewery

Showcase Beer: Freedom Pale Ale

Crisp, piney, dry, tropical hop

Ingredient Sampling: Joe and Steph’s Madras Curry, Black Onion Seed & Lime Popcorn

Goes well with:  curry, thai food, mexican. All things spice!

Suggested Restaurant Dish Pairing: (1) Action Against Hunger’s 5 Star Burger, (2) Bubbledogs’ Santa’s Sausage, (3) Café Spice Namaste’s Traditional Potato Bhajee Dosa

  1. Fuller, Smith & Turner

Showcase Beer: Organic Honeydew

Brewed to 5% ABV, Organic Honey Dew imparts gentle honey sweetness both on the nose and the palate. Orange fruit flavours rise from the yeast, while the First Gold hop adds its own citrusy notes. Refreshing and zesty, it’s the perfect companion for salads and Thai foods.

Ingredient Sampling: Samples of the organic honey with which the beer is brewed

Goes well with: Goats cheese salad, Thai Food

Suggested Restaurant Dish Pairing: (1) Tom’s Kitchen Fish Cake, sweet tomato relish and (2) Café Spice Namaste’s Dahi Saev Batata Poori

  1. Gipsy Hill Brewing Co.

Showcase Beer: Hepcat

Hepcat is a hugely aromatic, fruity session IPA. The stone fruit notes entirely from the hops are backed up by a robust grist bill. Our beers are unfined, unfiltered, natural beer. This bring a lovely orangey haze to the beer.

Ingredient Sampling: Hops and malt

Goes well with: roast lamb and spring greens

Suggested Restaurant Dish Pairing: Kurobuta’s pork belly buns

  1. HonestBrew

Showcase Beer: HonestBrew – American Pale Ale

The beer is a hazy, pale, straw colour and has a dense orange filled mouthfeel, with a slight biscuit finish from the Irish malt. 

Ingredient Sampling: Crunch Corn, a half popped snack made by PROPERCORN

Suggested Restaurant Dish Pairing: (1) Mole Taco Bar’s Crispy Pork Belly Taco – Pineapple and morita ketchup, pickled mustard seeds, dry shallots. (GF) (DF) and (2) Tredwell’s Burrata, romesco, basil, music bread.

  1. Moncada Brewery Ltd

Showcase Beer: Notting Hill Stout

Ingredient Sampling: Coffee Beans and Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Goes well with: Oysters, Dark beefy or venison stews, Steak pies, Boiled bacon and cabbage, Stilton and similar mellow blue cheeses, Dark chocolate cakes and desserts, Vanilla ice cream

Suggested Taste of London Festive Pairing: Tredwell’s Salted Caramel Soft Serve, Dark Chocolate

  1. World Cider Box

Showcase Beer: Stoke Red Bottle Fermented

As English as Shakespeare. This bottle fermented Stoke Red is Julian Temperley’s cider of choice from his vibrant range. It is bone dry full bodied with lots of tannin. You get the colour, the mouth feel, the texture, the depth, and the refined quality of the humble Stoke Red apple. When you buy this you are buying tradition, history and heritage, an orchard bottled. For the cider connoisseur, or a strong contender for converting sparkling wine drinkers to cider.

Ingredient Sampling: Artisan Somerset Cheddar Cheese

Goes well with: Certainly with rich chicken, fish, pork and vegetable indian curries and barbecues, this will cut through the fats and richness of such dishes.

Suggested Taste of London Festive Pairing: Hix’ Goat Curry with Russet Apple Pakoras

  1. Fourpure Brewing Co.

Showcase Beer: Session IPA, 4.2%ABV

The transatlantic influence of American brewing inspired us to make a beer with big, bold hops in an easy drinking, sessionable package. We use Mosaic, Simcoe, Cascade & Centennial to deliver a powerful hit of exciting hop character.

Ingredient Sampling:

Goes well with: Asian style food, mild spicy foods, fried meats, cheese.

Suggested Taste of London Festive Pairing: (1) Action Against Hunger – 5 Star Burger by Sophie Michell and (2) Oldroyd – Prawns in blankets’ cured Italian pork fat & aioli.