Yeni Rakı


At Yeni Raki they’ve mastered the art of extending memorable moments because they believe slow is their luxury. It’s ingrained in their history – raki tables have existed over five hundred years as a way for people from all walks of life to get together and celebrate the art of sharing.

The source and flavours of the food are as almost as important to the raki table as the people around it. Traditionally, simple yet high-quality morsels of fish, meats, fruit and vegetables are what form the patiently prepared plates. This is a world of contrasting flavours and textures; sweet honeydew watermelon against salty brined cheeses, smokey lamb against a refreshing Ezmé tomato salad.

Dishes are chosen to compliment the Yeni Raki’s rich, aniseed tone, which comes only from slowly twice-distilling this premium drink drop by drop. Served with a good dose of water and sipped throughout the meal, the spirit is key in setting the evening’s relaxed pace. Never rushed, raki tables are laid-back social gatherings that, although they start in early evening, never usually break up before the small hours.

At Yeni Raki they’re dedicated to preserving their cuisine and their culture. And they also want to bring it to a modern world that perhaps could learn a thing or two about slowing down and savouring the moment. They are here to serve the world the spirit of slow. They are here to unrush your world.