Winnies Original

Luxurious sweet and savoury condiments

Winnie’s Original was started with a passion to provide condiments and jams of superior quality, creativity, and taste. Their condiments have taken recipes and flare from family influences and have transformed them into a perfect accompaniment for any kitchen table.

At Winnie's, they don’t want to create another run of the mill product that fits what’s considered ‘good’ for the ‘average’ person but to instead craft marvellous products for those who really want a bit more extravagance! Their focus is primarily to create the finest level of consumption! This has resulted in two beautifully crafted  jams and a versatile sauce. Winnie's are a small London based company, with a view to grow quickly over the coming years, concentrating their efforts on the creative making process to produce truly superior products through their principles of integrity, quality, and creativity.

Available at Taste will be three products to sample and a new product will be unveiled! Visitors are also invited to put forward possible names for the new product!