Moncada Brewery

Moncada is more than a brewery it’s a home. Since 2011 they’ve been brewing naturally, brewing with passion and brewing with friends. True local flavour, from the heart of West London.

Moncada Brewery is different from the massive breweries. They’re incredibly passionate about what they do. When they wake up in the morning all they want to do is brew a good beer. So they've come to work and do just that. They don’t just come up with a formula, set the machines and then press a few buttons. Every beer brewed here at Moncada comes straight from their heart. Each and every beer is made by hand, and brewed to taste, not a formula. And that makes people happy.

As a team orientated and inclusive brewery all members of staff will be on hand to talk passionately about beer, history and the brewing process at Taste of London: The Festive Edition. This is what they love doing so any questions are welcome, they really enjoy spreading the word about how great beer can be. They're all keen home cooks so would be more than happy to pass on learnings about food and beer pairing.