Butterfly light Asian snacks

itsu shops & restaurants have paved the way for light, healthy, Asian inspired food on-the-go. Years of listening to customers led to the creation of a new type of food place altogether: delicious, Asian inspired and good for you food. itsu’s eat beautiful menu celebrates the amazing flavours of the Far East – freshly made sushi and sashimi, hot miso soups and chicken noodle soups with heaps of Asian toppings, brown rice pots, gyoza dumplings and fields of crunchy vegetables.

itsu grocery are taking the much loved itsu brand far and wide into supermarkets with their range of Asian inspired products: miso soups, crystal and udon noodles, prawn crackers, crispy seaweed thins, beef jerky and Asian sauces.

itsu were the first to launch crispy seaweed thins in 2012, after discovering their popularity as a snack in Korea. Naturally packed with minerals and nutrients including iodine, fibre and protein, seaweed is being heralded as the superfood of 2016 and the new vegetable crisp. itsu crispy seaweed thins come in three delicious flavours: original sea salt, wasabi and sweet soy & sea salt, which won 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2016. To add to their range of butterfly light Asian snacks, this year, itsu innovated again: launching the UK's first flavoured prawn crackers: sweet chilli, mild wasabi and Peking duck.