Holy Lama Naturals

Spice extracts for cooking, cocktails, tea and more

Holy Lama Naturals' extracts have all the authentic taste, natural goodness and health benefits of the raw herbs and spices. The drops are easily mixed with anything and will blend at any stage of preparation.

There are over 30 individual extracts to choose from, and Collection boxes - perfect for gifting. Each bottle will stay fresh for up to 3 years. Spice Drops® are made by Holy Lama Naturals, a family business based in the land of Spices - Kerala, India. Their sustainable business model is founded on long term relationships with local farmers, which means they have trusted sources of raw herbs and spices available closer to where we extract and bottle. The result is high quality and fresh extracts which are consistent from batch to batch. Over 80% of our workforce is women, mainly disadvantaged. Our flexible working policy means they are able to work and look after their families. We are a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS). They also recycle and use by-products resulting in an impressively low level of waste: less than 1%.

At Taste of London: The Festive Edition, they will be introducing their newly released Orange and Lemon Spice Drops®, as well as selling festive mulled wine spiced with their own mulling spices.

Also available will be mulled wine, cake, chocolates and more all made with the Spice Drops®. Visitors can learn easy cooking tips and learn about flavour and spice combinations - be sure to tap in to their knowledge before the festive cooking frenzy begins!