Health food bars made with alternative proteins

gryö’s mission is to create delicious snack bars which are good for you as well as for the planet. They only use eco-friendly and sustainable proteins and currently have two product ranges; one using insects, such as crickets and mealworms and the other with vegan friendly hemp flour.

All of their bars are based with dried fruit and nuts whilst coming in three unique and delightful flavours: apricot and thyme, dark chocolate and pistachio and ginger and fig. These health food bars are made entirely out of natural and organic ingredients and are also gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar free, ensuring neither health nor taste is compromised.

Their bars are carefully hand crafted in an atelier situated in the Vallée de la Loire region of France. Whilst they get their crickets from Canada and mealworms from Spain, both are raised on organic fruits and vegetables and farmed at the highest standard. Their hemp plants are from an organic plantation in Brittany, France.