Freedom Brewery

Award-winning lager since 1995

Freedom been brewing authentic beer since 1995, before the term ‘craft’ was even coined. They’ve spent over 20 years enjoying organic growth, as craft competition has increased they’ve stuck to what they do well: Balanced, authentic, beer.

Since beginning in a small brew pub in Fulham, they’ve specialised in lager. They believe it’s the most interesting, tasty and rewarding beer style around and Freedom will fly the lager flag for as long as they’re around! After a near ten-year stint in the capital, Freedom made the bold move up north to take advantage of a superior water source and space to allow them to manage our waste ethically.
Now, they’re still doing what they do best – brewing authentic, balanced beer from our state of the art brew house. Freedom's range includes:

- A Helles lager, brewed with Bavarian hops and organic malt
- Pale Ale with an enviable hop bill including Centennial, Cascade, Motueka and Rakau
- Our take on a Kolsch style beer – light, crisp and sweet
- An American hopped Pilsner with the addition of the Liberty hop

At Taste of London: The Festive Edition, Freedom will be pouring samples of their full range as well as selling pints and gift packs to take away.