Bonilla a la Vista

Dangerously addictive snacks from Bonilla a la Vista!

Riverside is about making & enjoying the best of life - and these crisps fall into that category; they take you back to a Mediterranean lifestyle. You can imagine a family business with mother, father and assorted sons, daughters, friends and cousins all pitching in to collect the olives, where the fruit ripens in the sun and the sea breeze, the oil then being used in the process of making the finest family crisps which are so good they are shared with all around.

And that's true today - Bonilla a la vista are a natural crisps - there’s no questioning their production process or the source of their ingredients. Each bag is made with two specific varieties of the very best potatoes, which are finely cut and cooked in cold-pressed olive oil that’s carefully refined. Each gourmet crisp is then hand-selected for perfection and lightly sea-salted before packing. That’s it: no artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are addictive delicious dangerous!