55 Above

Handcrafted, small batch spirits

55 Above are a small, independent distiller established with the vision of producing exceptional quality, handcrafted vodkas in small batches using traditional copper pot distilling methods.

Producing our premium range vodkas on a truly artisan scale means that our master distiller can control every aspect of the process, from the careful distillation process, through to the hand bottling and the labelling of each and every bottle that we produce. Whether you’re after a vodka that is packed with character or an infusion with a light and refreshing aroma, 55 Above have the perfect balance between sophistication and quality, which gives them the ability to produce spirits that truly are exceptional

At Taste of London 55 Above will be offering samples for tasting, selling by the bottle to take home, and also selling drinks by the glass from our bar. Try out their award winning Vodkas or their newly launched Gin!